Feb 27, 2014

Building competence & confidence

I want to be a producing artist, selling my work.  I have hesitated sharing; haven’t felt very competent in any of my chosen activities; painting, jewelry/ metal-smithing and sculpture.  Last year I took a number of classes at the local community college: beginning drawing (one of my insecurities), painting I introduced me to formal color study and sculpture I to foundry work. I was amazed at the level of effort I put into those classes, and the progress I saw in my work was very encouraging!  In my 2D class taught by Marie Ramos, we focused on design, color for mood, composition and motion.  We used ink, gouache and collage.  Drawing with Josh Eggleston familiarized me with charcoal, pencil and pen as well as drawing from life, perspective and copying using the grid method.  We had a lot of fun, and I’m pleased with some of the work generated.