Aug 11, 2014

Linda Fisler #4 Mood large

 This online workshop with Artists Network University was wonderful!  Each exercise proved to be challenging – and I’ve learned so much – Linda Fisler is an excellent coach!

When going from my 30 minute study to the larger piece, I pre-mixed most of the colors first.  Even then, once they got onto the canvas, it began to change – the cool violets began to look green when compared to the warmer ones and the yellows.  Really odd.  So I greyed lots more, and put in some detail that didn’t go in the study.  Photos are: current stage of painting (I’m waiting for Linda’s recommendations to finish it) and the study (as a reminder).

Aug 9, 2014

Linda Fisler #3 and #4 take 2

Linda Fisler #3 & #4  take 2

I made some changes to the floral based on Linda’s coaching.  Think it’s much nicer now.  Also, gave myself 5 minutes each this morning to add some complementary color to the three mood studies that were flat.  Linda was “spot on” again!  Now I’m on the finish the assignment: going to do the large version in the purples.

Aug 5, 2014

Linda Fisler #4 - mood

Been traveling and workshopping (more on that later), so it took me a while to get back to the Linda Fisler online workshop.  The assignment was to write 4 moods on scraps of paper (Sorrow, Joy, Peace, Anger), choose a photo to paint and then randomly pull a mood out of the hat.  Then, paint in that mood.  I cheated and decided to do each mood in a color study (30 min study each) and then will choose which to do in large.  I've sent them on the Linda - will have to choose one by tomorrow morning so I can get started on the big painting.  Any preferences???

They are in order: original photo, anger, joy, peace and sorrow.