Jul 15, 2014

Linda Fisler #3 - Edges

The assignment was to have one hard edge in the painting.  This one was a challenge! (I guess that's what it's all about)  I had hoped to finish in one sitting.  Unfortunately, in my attempt to keep / make edges soft I ended up muddying it and not getting the colors right.  I'll have to go back later to clean it up.  Linda Fisler’s comments were really helpful and encouraging.  A couple of them are quoted: “

-      Remember that two colors exactly on the same value sitting side by side can actually read as a soft edge with little or no blending. 
-      … two colors side by side and then with the clean dry brush and a light touch dragged the brush gently between the colors creating this nice small halftone between them--viola a soft edge
-      Saying all that, you are only a few brushstrokes away from creating a wonderful painting here…  The areas that you think are muddy, really don't bother me too much and I actually like that they mute … into the shadows and lay back. 

-      take this one out again and have another look.  Look at where you want your light to hit, and place some … clean, light valued color to represent the light, you'll have a really beautiful painting. 

Jul 14, 2014

Travel & painting #2

Set up in DeWi & Sarah's (son & daughter-in-law) sun room.  I had brought home fresh ingredients for a Gazpacho - and decided that would be the subject of today's painting.  So, before chopping it all up, I set up an arrangement with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, garlic olive oil and vinegar.  Fun!

Travel and painting #1

I've packed my bags - have found a way to get all my art equipment in a single suitcase - complete with wet panel carriers and paper towels.  The only thing I'm not flying with is the Gamsol.  I'll post a photo of the whole package later in the trip.  Middleburg VA was the site of my first plein air painting of this trip. I had managed to hike into an awesome location the day before at Great Falls Park - got mostly set up and realized I didn't have my paper towels.  I ended up using the time to take photos, and do some sketches in pen.  It was a good exercise, even though not what I'd planned.  Back to Middleburg.  I found a nice shady site under a huge magnolia tree and painted a house.  I was almost done when the home owner came out to see what I was doing.  She asked if I'd put her husband's old cat into the paintings, brought me a photos and Randolf was added.  Sold the painting on the spot!

Jul 5, 2014

Linda Fisler lesson #2

Great feedback on the black & white painting from Linda Fisler. Helped me focus on the depth of the piece, and how to make each layer of stone recede.  This 2nd challenge is to look at the photo and determine what kind of composition it is, using Edgar Payne’s book.  Also to look and see if it needs to be cropped or changed to improve the composition.  Since I had already changed the composition from the original photo by reducing the left side and moving the door off-center, I didn’t have more compositional changes.  Looks to me like either an “O” composition or a “Tunnel,” which Mr Payne indicates are often interchangeable.  I really focused on the colors and values for depth in the painting.  Did I get it?

Jul 3, 2014

K Hu lesson #4 - Finished portrait

Here's what I turned in.  I like the colors on her skin much more than before, and I think I'm close.  But it still isn't quite there.  I'm thinking a bit more definition on her neck and highlights on the skin.  Any suggestions?

Jul 2, 2014

Losina Art Center classes

I’ve signed up for a series of classes at the Losina ArtCenter. After taking the one day course, I felt energized – Olya Losina is the “maestra,” and emphasizes experimenting and trying new techniques and approaches. While we can work on our own projects, she recommends following her course of instruction and at least try the different styles and techniques.  My first day I blocked in a self-portrait with Travis.  The second day, we started a huge (4.5' x 6') canvas (un-stretched) in acrylic.  We are going to do a “Manny Farber.”  So I prepared the canvas with multi-colored background.  Next class I take in all sorts of objects to paint (with palette knife).  Neither of these are far enough along to share yet.  Next week…  Saturday we did a figure drawing in the “classical” style.  Again using acrylics so they would dry for glazing, we started with a green canvas, and with only red, yellow and white glazes, we were to create the illusion of skin.  I don’t think mine looks much like a “classic,” but it’s fun and the technique seems promising.  Will be interesting to see how my work evolves over the next several sessions.