Nov 10, 2015

P-398 Girl & Dog at Pool

Girl & Dog at Pool

Final rendition of "Girl & Dog at Pool" from the Michael Stiernagle workshop in Scottsdale. This is the first of two pieces I worked on, and Michael offered coaching after the workshop for the finishing touches! Great fun "playing" with the transparent block in and then the loose/ abstracted figures.

Nov 9, 2015

Phtalo Emerald vs Veridian - what's the difference?

I recently attended a workshop and found Veridian on the supply list.  My first teacher insisted that I use Veridian; since then it's always been Phtalo.  I (brilliantly) left my paint box home when going to this last workshop, so I spent an hour and some bucks at the local art shop.  When I came to the Veridian, I was surprised to find that it is considerably more expensive.  And NO ONE I asked could tell me the difference other than that "they are different chemical compositions."  I have lots of Phtalo at home, so I picked up a small tube of Veridian.

A week later, I still haven't found anyone who could give me a good description of what each does and how they differ.  So this afternoon I decided to make a Richard Schmidt color chart and see if I could find out on my own.

I mixed each with white, cad yellow lemon, trans-ox yellow & white, alizarin & white, cobalt & white and ultramarine blue & white.  My conclusion:  Veridian may be a tad cooler.  It requires a bit more paint to tint the same amount of color.  After that - duh.  They seem pretty much interchangeable to me.  According the Gamblin Colors, they are both lightfastness I.  If you don't see much difference in the colors on the chart, that is because there isn't one!

So, I'll use Phtalo judiciously at half the cost of Veridian!  If any of you have other observations, I'd appreciate hearing!

Nov 8, 2015

P-397, "Almost Guacamole"

Firsts today.  I thought I'd do a series with palette knife, but decided to combine with a brush. What I'm really working on is color studies and brushwork.  I loved the process in my last workshop with Michael Stiernagle; block in very roughly with thin transparent paints then go back with the heavier brush work.  I'd like to get down to the minimum number of brush strokes for each shape as an exercise.

This little piece is called "Almost Guacamole, " since I'm missing the jalapenos and mushing!  I got these amazing, huge avocados at Costco's yesterday; couldn't resist painting it!

Nov 7, 2015

Resistance - in the physical form!

Such a funny thing, this Resistance.. I got my studio all cleaned out; caught the mouse and restored order.  Of course, that could also have been a form of resistance.  Planned my next project, had the palette set up... dreamt about how I'd approach it.  And BAM.  Something got me!  Cough, fever... Three days later I finally got back to the studio.

The first time I started "The Artist's Way," I sat down to my Morning Pages.  I'd had a great night's sleep, no excuses.  Paper on table, pen in hand.  First my hand cramped and I could scarcely hold the pen. I plowed through.  Then I fell asleep.  Right there in the middle of the page!  Talk about Resistance!

Plowed through this morning too.  And "Sammy's Bone" is the result.  Phew!  It'll be easier after today.

Nov 3, 2015

Invisible? Resistance

I've been invisible, absent for a year.  My son, DeWi just reminded me of a book I'd read a while ago. Steven Pressfield's War of Art talks about Resistance as the force that keeps us from achieving our life's work.  I've always recognized the resistance/ fear that holds me back.  I just hadn't given it a name and identity.  Busy is one of the manifestations of resistance.  I can certainly attest to that: I've been SO busy this past year!  Yes, I have tangible proof: this house was built in a year, and I have allowed it to totally take over my life!   House is done.  Then I got back to San Diego and found more BUSY - had to clean, sort, rearrange, nest.  Mice in my studio.  Overflow.  Just general chaos.  Who can work in chaos?  I can't... had to get it all in order before touching brush to canvas!

Fighting Resistance. I just got back from a Michael Stiernagle workshop in Scottsdale at the Artists School.  Wonderful workshop!  SO nice to be back in front of an easel...

So, I'm back!  I'll be talking about Resistance and how I overcome it on a daily basis.  I'll be showing my work.  Oh man, I've missed all y'all!