Jul 14, 2014

Travel and painting #1

I've packed my bags - have found a way to get all my art equipment in a single suitcase - complete with wet panel carriers and paper towels.  The only thing I'm not flying with is the Gamsol.  I'll post a photo of the whole package later in the trip.  Middleburg VA was the site of my first plein air painting of this trip. I had managed to hike into an awesome location the day before at Great Falls Park - got mostly set up and realized I didn't have my paper towels.  I ended up using the time to take photos, and do some sketches in pen.  It was a good exercise, even though not what I'd planned.  Back to Middleburg.  I found a nice shady site under a huge magnolia tree and painted a house.  I was almost done when the home owner came out to see what I was doing.  She asked if I'd put her husband's old cat into the paintings, brought me a photos and Randolf was added.  Sold the painting on the spot!