Jul 2, 2014

Losina Art Center classes

I’ve signed up for a series of classes at the Losina ArtCenter. After taking the one day course, I felt energized – Olya Losina is the “maestra,” and emphasizes experimenting and trying new techniques and approaches. While we can work on our own projects, she recommends following her course of instruction and at least try the different styles and techniques.  My first day I blocked in a self-portrait with Travis.  The second day, we started a huge (4.5' x 6') canvas (un-stretched) in acrylic.  We are going to do a “Manny Farber.”  So I prepared the canvas with multi-colored background.  Next class I take in all sorts of objects to paint (with palette knife).  Neither of these are far enough along to share yet.  Next week…  Saturday we did a figure drawing in the “classical” style.  Again using acrylics so they would dry for glazing, we started with a green canvas, and with only red, yellow and white glazes, we were to create the illusion of skin.  I don’t think mine looks much like a “classic,” but it’s fun and the technique seems promising.  Will be interesting to see how my work evolves over the next several sessions.