Jul 15, 2014

Linda Fisler #3 - Edges

The assignment was to have one hard edge in the painting.  This one was a challenge! (I guess that's what it's all about)  I had hoped to finish in one sitting.  Unfortunately, in my attempt to keep / make edges soft I ended up muddying it and not getting the colors right.  I'll have to go back later to clean it up.  Linda Fisler’s comments were really helpful and encouraging.  A couple of them are quoted: “

-      Remember that two colors exactly on the same value sitting side by side can actually read as a soft edge with little or no blending. 
-      … two colors side by side and then with the clean dry brush and a light touch dragged the brush gently between the colors creating this nice small halftone between them--viola a soft edge
-      Saying all that, you are only a few brushstrokes away from creating a wonderful painting here…  The areas that you think are muddy, really don't bother me too much and I actually like that they mute … into the shadows and lay back. 

-      take this one out again and have another look.  Look at where you want your light to hit, and place some … clean, light valued color to represent the light, you'll have a really beautiful painting.