Apr 7, 2014

Jewelry I class broaches project

One of the two classes I am taking this semester at Grossmont Community College is Jewelry I with Lisa Medlen.  I really enjoyed working with Lisa in my 3-D class last semester and am enjoying this one even more!  Our first assignment was broaches.  We were to create a collection of 8 broaches, each to illustrate one teaching point for the beginning of metal-smithing.  A few observations:
-      First, you need strong hands!  Holding the metal, using the tools and all the filing and sanding is hard work!
-       Second, planning is important.  In order to get all 8 broaches done, have them look like a collection and have each one nicely represent the teaching point works best for me when each piece was roughly designed ahead of time.
-       Third, it’s a slow process.  To get nice results, attention to detail is important.  The pieces where I wasn’t as meticulous didn’t solder as well, and just didn’t go together as nicely.
-       And finally, it’s fun to do a collection.  I wasn’t sure about a bunch of fruit (the subject of my collection), but once I started researching fruits, their shapes and textures and “fruitiness,” each piece became a friend.
I don't usually use broaches, so I think I'll turn some of them into pendants and hang them on kuhimimo braided necklaces.  You can see the pieces here.  I'll have them posted to my website with prices tomorrow.