Jun 14, 2014

All or Nothing!

I keep running up against an "all or nothing" philosophy.  Let me tell you, it doesn't work!  I had a whole series of blog posts lined up, arranged and outlined.  All I had to do was the work that they talked about!  And then it got away from me.  I didn't finish - whatever - and the blog didn't get posted.  The problem is, I had set them up to build on each other.  So until I did the first one, I couldn't do the next.  And so on.  So, months have gone by.  I keep waiting for myself to do something.  All or nothing really turns out to be NOTHING!

A quote (from Voltaire) that a former boss used is “Perfect is the enemy of the good.”  Essentially, when insisting on perfection often the result is no improvement at all.  Well duh.  Same thing.

I will now resume my blogging – as things occur.  It may not be as neat, but at least it’ll happen!  Going back to where I stopped, the only big event I want to capture is the Nancy Medina workshop in Fredericksburg.  I love Nancy’s workshops because she gives us formulas that result in wonderful work.  I love her use of transparent paints for the foundation of the painting.  I love the colors and flowers!  And of course, Nancy is wonderful!!!  Three paintings – one is really unfinished.  Hydrangeas were fun, love the sunflower!  Love the colors, shapes and lush paint!  Had a lot of fun with this one!  And SOLD to a wonderful gentleman in Galveston!