Nov 7, 2015

Resistance - in the physical form!

Such a funny thing, this Resistance.. I got my studio all cleaned out; caught the mouse and restored order.  Of course, that could also have been a form of resistance.  Planned my next project, had the palette set up... dreamt about how I'd approach it.  And BAM.  Something got me!  Cough, fever... Three days later I finally got back to the studio.

The first time I started "The Artist's Way," I sat down to my Morning Pages.  I'd had a great night's sleep, no excuses.  Paper on table, pen in hand.  First my hand cramped and I could scarcely hold the pen. I plowed through.  Then I fell asleep.  Right there in the middle of the page!  Talk about Resistance!

Plowed through this morning too.  And "Sammy's Bone" is the result.  Phew!  It'll be easier after today.