Nov 3, 2015

Invisible? Resistance

I've been invisible, absent for a year.  My son, DeWi just reminded me of a book I'd read a while ago. Steven Pressfield's War of Art talks about Resistance as the force that keeps us from achieving our life's work.  I've always recognized the resistance/ fear that holds me back.  I just hadn't given it a name and identity.  Busy is one of the manifestations of resistance.  I can certainly attest to that: I've been SO busy this past year!  Yes, I have tangible proof: this house was built in a year, and I have allowed it to totally take over my life!   House is done.  Then I got back to San Diego and found more BUSY - had to clean, sort, rearrange, nest.  Mice in my studio.  Overflow.  Just general chaos.  Who can work in chaos?  I can't... had to get it all in order before touching brush to canvas!

Fighting Resistance. I just got back from a Michael Stiernagle workshop in Scottsdale at the Artists School.  Wonderful workshop!  SO nice to be back in front of an easel...

So, I'm back!  I'll be talking about Resistance and how I overcome it on a daily basis.  I'll be showing my work.  Oh man, I've missed all y'all!