Oct 2, 2014

“Getting out there” or Populating the Websites

I have had more websites than Carter has pills.  I’ve been cleaning them up, canceling and streamlining.  Phew!  Now, instead of websites, I have a couple domain names that link to a central site, a place where my work is showing as daily paintings and this blog.

My first few years of painting was a steep learning curve.  I did some work I like, and a lot I don’t.  You won’t be seeing the really bad stuff since I have either destroyed it or hidden it!  The website contains some fun pieces from my journey and my most recent work.  None of it has been marketed until now; so the games begin!

After having a custom site designed (and it looked really good), I decided to go back to FASO.  I love the community, the customer service and the simplicity of use to update photos.  I’ve finally done it – have myFASO website populated!  That means that all the paintings are uploaded.  They aren’t, however, all edited with information and prices (that’ll be the next step).  This is the second time I’ve set up a FASO website, and I’m here to stay!

My Daily Paintworks site is the first place I put a new painting.  I plan to put them in at auction for the first week, then go to a fixed price through the FASO site.  And I’ll be reviewing some of my inventory over the next few months to “get them out there” also.