Oct 12, 2014

Beagle Baying – Dog #20

Life has gotten in the way!  We are building a house in Texas (live in California) so I was in Galveston week before last.  Too many meetings, stuff… Then I managed to total my daughter’s car and came home two days later.  Of course, I also trashed myself and so drugs have been the way of the day for the past 10…  Finally back to painting!  Feels good!!!

I have to admit, beagles are not my favorite breed.  They are loud and unruly (I’m a German Shepherd kind of a girl).  But I fell in love with Uno when he won Best of Show in Westminster, so I have taken another look at them.  They are also fun and happy, affectionate and “beagle people” are quite in love with them!  When I think of Beagles, I think of baying in a field.  So here he is!