Sep 23, 2014

Where's the Beef? Cows in a field

The Leslie Saeta workshop using palette knife was an inspiration.  We used a limited set of paints (funny enough, the same 5 I used to use with Charlie Kello) and never touched a brush.  This is the second piece we did (first was the dinghys) so I felt a bit more adventuresome.  I really pushed the colors and temperatures.  Enjoyed posting the progress on Facebook and getting a running commentary from my friends.  The last thing we did was put in the background greens.  I think that is the only thing I'd do differently.  Even though I chose a green that went with the colors I'd used, I prefer to have at least the beginning of background on the canvas while I'm painting the rest so that I can make sure all the colors work together.

The other part of working with a palette knife is the total loss of inhibition regarding amount of paint on the canvas.  I love working with thick paint, want to translate that over to my brushwork as well!