Mar 2, 2014

The discovery begins!

In January I took a series of workshops at the Scottsdale Artists School.  What a wonderful facility and staff – a place dedicated to creating art.  (I’m ready to move to Phoenix just to be near it)  Each of the four workshops was wonderful.  And no mater how diverse, all the learning builds on itself.  Four incredibly talented artists held the workshops.  Nancy Seamons Crookston focused on understanding color temperature and light.  Qiang Huang demonstrated how transparent paints make wonderful shadows and how to use them along with opaque.  His marketing talk was the impetus for this blog and getting me off the dime!  Charlie Hunter‘s workshop was playful and innovative.  He encouraged us to draw, and use alternative methods of applying and removing paint (cloths, scraping, q-tips, etc) and transparent almost monochromatic paints.  Values and luminosity showed up on all our pieces.  And finally, for a change of pace, Sandy Scott’s sculpting birds in flight was an intensive on bird anatomy, a unique armature system and wonderful demos!  Here is one piece from each workshop.